Why BirchBearCo?

An update from the Ernsberger’s

It has been a loooong while since I’ve updated our Birch Bear bio. I've been putting a lot of thought into our story and our day to day chaos. Anyone close to us always says, “ I don’t know how you do it” but we are so adapted to the chaos and wouldn’t know how to function without it. These past few years have gone so incredibly fast.

Rob and Kayla - We are BirchBearCo
It’s been a long while since I updated our bio and my gosh have things changed since 2016. Thinking of how we started with our original ideas and where we are now is a sure way to get us to laugh! From our designs, first photos, to our printing processes. We have learned and grown a lot!  When I think back to how we started BirchBearCo in 2016, I know the idea had always been there dormant waiting for it’s discovery. My entire life I always had an obsession for clothing and design, and the mind of an entrepreneur.

Originally, I had purchased a handmade shirt supporting a passionate cause and I was so intrigued by the process. I wanted to learn more! Thankfully my husband loves researching and had the background in business and is the real MVP for making my vision come to life. I had just received my masters degree in mental health counseling and was working at a local university in substance abuse treatment. My husband (Rob) worked full time in a retail pharmacy. We started as a hobby to help make ends meet with no vision of what we had in store.

Fast forward 3 years later my husband and I work full time together (plus way more) ;) and are the parents of two crazy little boys at home, Finley and Wrenen, who are now 4 and 2. You may see Finley all over our shop modeling our brand. We love photo shoots!

A little bit about us and our operation. My husband and I really do it all! One of us has a hand in the whole process from the initial idea to the finished product. I typically focus on designing, conversations, SEO, shipping, social media, photos, inventory etc. Rob is involved in behind the scenes technical parts as well as actually making/completing orders. We are constantly investing into our business to find the newest technologies and products. Thankfully when chaos strikes (and it does) we also have an awesome group of our closest friends and family to help knock out difficult days/holidays.

We recently reached nearly 60,000 sales this past year on Etsy and ranked top 50 in clothing sales worldwide! Wow! We appreciate every single order and customer to chooses us for their needs. Know that when you shop with us you’re shopping with a family that cares about your needs and truly wants you to be 100% satisfied.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read our story!